Uplighting is the art of painting with a light source to illuminate a background. Not only can uplighting transform a boring room with plain walls into a unique, colorful space, but when used properly & professionally, it can greatly enhance the ambiance of any room in an elegant way. If coordinated in advance, color schemes can be selected to complement the accent colors of any venue and/or event by matching bridesmaid dresses, flowers, party décor, etc. Uplighting can also function as a source of indirect lighting.

The secret to creating ambiance lies in the type of lighting used, placement of lighting and using it to enhance and boost the already beautiful aspects of your venue/ event. Uplighting comes in variety of different colors. Jason Mello makes sure to use only the latest and best light source in event lighting:Chauvet Wireless RGBWA+UV. This specific light source is made up of red, green, blue and white individual LEDs, and when combined in different intensities can be blended together to create just about any color of the spectrum. These specific uplights draw very little energy without usage of bulbs to burn out and replace, making them the most environmentally friendly light available on the market today. In addition, these lights are also very lightweight, emit virtually no heat, & have the most saturated, deepest hues that are easily customizable and controlled to recreate just about any color that a TV can.

When it comes to important events, it’s best to leave a job like lighting to the professionals. Jason Mello has lit events anywhere ranging from six to 35 lights and any number in-between.  He would love to invite you to contact him to create an affordable custom package tailored to your event.