Monthly Archives: October 2014

Wedding Site Visits

Why is it important to visit a wedding venue that I’ve never played at? Well  its extremely important to be on the same page with an event coordinator. Also to find out the rules that one place may have. This may be for noise levels, time constraints on the party and or set up times. I also like to find out where the load in is with regards to my equipment. Even though it is lighter than yester year’s there could be elevators evolved, stairs or long corridors that make Continue reading →

Questions about my Set up!!

“I’ve seen pictures of your setup and was wondering why you have two computers on the table? Does it really take two computers to run everything?” No, actually I don’t use two computers to run my system. I have one main computer which controls the music, and the other computer is simply a backup. There is also an addition computer on stand by ready to go with 2 external hard drives. I always keep one backup out, hooked up, and ready to go at a Continue reading →

Can we customize our wedding reception to fit our preferences?

Answer: Absolutely! When you initially meet with me for your free consultation, I will go over a “sample outline” of a wedding reception just to give you some ideas, but I can definitely customize your reception how ever you envision it. My goal is to make sure you have the reception you have always dreamed of and I want you to walk away happy, cheerful, and I want all your guests walking away saying “That was the BEST reception I have ever been to!”