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Wedding Sound!

One of the most important details at your Wedding (in my opinion) is the volume your music is played at.  Time and time again when I’m  in a venue with multiple events occurring, I walk by and hear an incredible amount of sound coming from other DJ’s. Sometimes,  I can actually feel the bass vibrate the floor. If sound can be heard and felt like this through the floor,  I can only imagine the poor guests sitting directly in site of the speakers. Its one thing when the party gets going to boost the levels up a notch Continue reading →

The Reviews keep coming from my Spring Weddings!

wsilva524                                                                Wedding: 5/31/2014 Member Since: 2/3/2013                                     Kept the party going all night!     posted 6/13/2014 I couldn’t speak more highly of Jason as our DJ. When first meeting Jay he was friendly, outgoing and really knew what he was talking about. Me and my husband walked in not really knowing what we wanted or what to expect and he helped us with suggestions and was really honest with us. He didn’t pressure us into picking one package over the other. Jay is one of Continue reading →