Wedding Sound!

One of the most important details at your Wedding (in my opinion) is the volume your music is played at.  Time and time again when I’m  in a venue with multiple events occurring, I walk by and hear an incredible amount of sound coming from other DJ’s. Sometimes,  I can actually feel the bass vibrate the floor. If sound can be heard and felt like this through the floor,  I can only imagine the poor guests sitting directly in site of the speakers. Its one thing when the party gets going to boost the levels up a notch to give the party atmosphere that hype desired but to have your guests try to scream over the music, get a  headache, and result in guest leaving early. Controlling bass reflect and volume of sound are two constant studies for my business. If you notice within the pictures of my set up I use different size and amount of speakers in different size spaces spread out throughout a venue. Proper set up and balance ensures your guests a great experience. For example,  the equipment and volume I use at say the Bittersweet Farms in Westport would not be the same as I would use at The Venus De Milo Athena 1 & 2. So remember, when choosing entertainment for your wedding  make sure to ask the question about volume of music or just simply go with Jason Mello Digital DJ & Up Lighting, a  conscientious D.J who knows about making sound perfect for your event!006