The Beatles 50 Years later

Sitting here watching the 50 year special on CBS to commemorate The Beatles has me thinking how they impacted music. My selection’s today still have The Beatles influence in them. Song’s such has “When I’m 64” “In My Life” “Birthday” are use quite often. “Twist and Shout” is still one of the most played songs for all ages to dance. I could go on and on from Revolution to Let it be I would be here all night naming hit after hit. That brings me to Continue reading →

PhotoBooth Fun!

Looking for a great addition to your Wedding Reception! Try our photo booth and add some fun and festive pictures that your guest can take home on the spot! Nellie and her staff are friendly and engaging  and will make it a breeze. Like a regular  booth which can only fit 3 to 4 people the booth that we have can fit at least 10 people getting more in on the action. Also with a separate staff working the Photobooth I can concentrate on what you hired me Continue reading →

The Wedding Day Emergency Kit for Brides

When it comes to your wedding day, its better to be safe than sorry! Having all your just incase necessities handy can turn a disaster into a laughable moment. On the big day, consider all the problems that may occur, for example, from forgetting to put deodorant on to spilling something on your wedding dress. As a DJ I’ve been around countless weddings so I have been there and seen it all. To help you out, I’ve round up some must haves in your emergency wedding kit. Stash it Continue reading →