The Beatles 50 Years later

Sitting here watching the 50 year special on CBS to commemorate The Beatles has me thinking how they impacted music. My selection’s today still have The Beatles influence in them. Song’s such has “When I’m 64” “In My Life” “Birthday” are use quite often. “Twist and Shout” is still one of the most played songs for all ages to dance. I could go on and on from Revolution to Let it be I would be here all night naming hit after hit. That brings me to ask one question….If The Beatles had all the technology that is available to group’s today like One Direction how many more hits would be talking about? That says a lot about the talent and quality of Paul, John, Ringo, and George 50 year’s ago when they took that stage! So I will go on and keep playing those hits because It’s a hard days night and I’m working like a dog! Happy Birthday to the Fab Four!!