Choosing your DJ

When choosing your DJ you have to consider several things. There isn’t a book that you can go by but I can give you several question’s that you can ask when interviewing. Here are a few quick ones to ask. Do you change your style to fit the Bride & Groom’s? Do you play a variety of music that gets everyone involved? What happens if the music your playing isn’t getting anyone on the floor? If your seriously ill…what is your back up plan? Do you consume alcoholic beverages when your working? Do you take breaks once the reception gets going? If your a multi operational DJ company do you send your 4th DJ on the list if you get a better paying wedding? If your system is blown out because the venue had a power surge…what is your backup plan? Do you bring assistant’s with you and if so how do they dress? Your day your way that is always been my motto. Make sure the person your hiring to be the Master of Ceremonies and one of the key people to make you day one to remember comes as advertised!!! Anyone can grab an IPod and a speaker and call themselves a DJ. Hire a professional DJ like Jason Mello Digital DJ and take the worries out of your day!