Adding,Updating and Evolving

Here at Jason Mello Digital DJ & UpLighting I am always looking to add new equipment or update existing pieces. Keeping up with the trends in the ever changing DJ world is something I’m always working to achieve. Coming up for next couple of wedding’s this month I will unveil a different look of monogram. This is done by combining 2 Source Four Gobo Juniors projectors and identical styled Gobo’s. Pictures will be forth coming as I promote this new style of lighting for weddings. For dance floor lighting effects I’ve purchased 2 Chauvet Swarm FX fixtures. These pieces combine laser and LED RGBW lighting for a really cool effect which will be mostly used for Teen Dances and Proms. Last year I had several equipment upgrades and this year is no different. A new HP Laptop was acquired to phase out my oldest model. There is also an addition to my speaker system with the acquisition of the Electro Voice ZLX-15p’s. Great sounding speakers that are a nice complement to my QSC K10 and K12!  My biggest addition is a new wireless speaker system from the Galaxy Audio line. The AS-1500 is one of the elite systems in its class and has the capability of stretching 300 feet. This will serve to cover ceremonies, cocktail hours and dinner music. Without wires this can move speakers around the room with ease and give another dimension in sound. This is just a few of the additions and upgrades that I’ve made so far this year. Stay tuned for several more this year as I work into 2014!