New Changes & Improved for 2017

In the DJ industry its important to keep up with the ever changing technology from year to year.By keeping up it gives my 2017 and 2018 clients the best sound and lighting available on the market today.I am proud to announce the aquistion of brand new top of the line Uplights that will up the game in color mixing. Along with them I obtained the new virtual turn tables in the Pioneer DDJ-SZ.This Mid deck controller is a cut above the rest and gives me the abiilty to use 2 computers without missing a beat. I also this summer added brand new white Maui LDC Line Array speakers. These speakers have been employed the last couple of months at all weddings and sound and look fantastic. Also last but not least I added the new white Chauvet Spot 255 IRC. These 2 moving heads are part of the Star Package and can be used for either spotlighting your entrance into your reception,Spotlighting your first dance and also adding an element of design lighting during dinner and dancing. Its defiantly a wedding changer. Never settling always advancing…..this is how we do it at Jason Mello Digital DJ & UpLighting¬†#jasonmelloweddings